Plastic Man as a Hang Glider

I’m a Plastic Man fan. I’ve got every Plastic Man figure ever made. Well, almost. When I saw that the terrific Mattel Action League line was going to release a Plastic Man figure where he is transformed into the shape of a hang glider, I did a little dance.

This figure almost didn’t make it, though, and just squeaked out in Action League’s last wave of figures. Of course, I couldn’t find it in stores myself, but two of my best buddies, Matt and Jason, both snagged one for me. Which is great ’cause when a figure is this cool, ya gotta have a backup.

The fact that Atom grasps onto Plas’s arms just pushes this toy over the top in terms of awesomeness. I knew I had to get a good photo. So, along with some other hand picked models, these guys came out to Encinitas, California with me a few weeks ago. One day I stopped by Ace Hardware and got some thick wire. I pushed it into the peg hole in the bottom of Atom’s foot and then propped them up on a stairway post leading down to Swami’s Beach. I retouched out the wire and voilá, they’re flying!

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