11th Ave Rumpus

I have never collected much McFarlane product but this set has always been a “must have” for me.

I remember when this Where the Wild Things Are (based on the art from the Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book) set came back in 2000 I had just reentered the action figure collecting scene. I was taking things rather slow so let these things come and go without buying. Eventually I noticed Toys R Us began clearancing them out for just a few bucks each. A buddy on the New Jersey Star War Collector’s Club helped me track down a full set for like four bucks each.

This set of figures broke a barrier in the Neumann home. My ex-wife liked them enough to allow them to be displayed OUTside of my toy room. That bit of acceptance would come back to haunt me years later when I got a divorce. I walked away with very little outside of my collection. But even that was not sacred. My ex asked to keep this set of Wild Things and my full set of vinyl Ugly Dolls. I wasn’t in a mood to fight. But man, was that a punch in the nuts. Eventually I started dating an awesome gal named Meg. Apparently, at some point, Meg read a blog I had written which included this sad story. One evening when she came over for a visit she warned me that she had to bring some work with her. Sure enough she came to my apartment wheeling her little piece of work luggage. She plopped in down and went to use the restroom. On the way she asked if I could open it up and start organizing the work she had to do. Completely oblivious I zipped open the luggage and almost lost my shizz when I found staring up at me a full set of mint in package McFarlane Where the Wild Things Are figures! Yup, she’s a keeper.

I took this shot with my original set in the backyard of a house I used to own on 11th Ave here in Phoenix. I wanted to shoot them in the grass so that there would be something to hide the bases that they need in order to stand. Taking this shot was more fun than mowing.

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