Gran Torino

I’ve been wanting to do this shot for quite a while but aquiring the Gran Torino took some time. The photo shoot itself went well, except for all the ant bites I got on my belly in the process!

Sweepin’ the Clouds Away

Fisher Price has been making terrific toys for a long time. When I was little they had a line called “Little People”. There were not many licensed characters in the line, but Fisher Price did do a series based on Sesame Street. Recently I tracked down all the individual Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street characters that were created. Sunny day…


Here is a photo of Skeletor out on a date with Evil Lyn. They went to a old-timey soda fountain called “MacAlpines”. (My girlfriend, Meg, made these rad mini-ice cream cones.)

Secret Wars – The Good Guys

And here are the good guys.

Secret Wars – The Bad Guys

Secret Wars was a 12-issue limited series Marvel comic book that began in 1984. The storyline brought together pretty much the who’s who of Marvel heroes and villains in one epic story. (At least it was to an 11 year old.) Mattel released a short-lived line of figures loosely based on Secret Wars. Oddly, many of the characters released in the toy line did not, in fact, appear in the comic story. But that didn’t seem to matter much ’cause I loved this action figure line. Above are the bad guys.

Lone Ranger and Tonto

After watching the Johnny Depp / Armie Hammer Lone Ranger movie a few months ago I decided to dig out my vintage Gabriel Lone Ranger and Tonto figures and head down to South Mountain for a little shoot. After I returned home I noticed I was missing Lone Ranger’s gun. Ugh. That is an impossible accessory to replace without rebuying a carded figure. Not cheap. So the next morning I decided I’d go back down to where I shot these photos and try and find the tiny gun. blah, blah

Yoda Yoga

Coincidence that “Yoda” and “yoga” are only one letter removed? Don’t think so. Watch that scene from Empire Strikes Back when Luke is on Dagobah getting his Jedi training and tell me Yoda couldn’t double as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher. This shot was taken at the now closed Ra Yoga studio in Downtown Phoenix, a great old warehouse with gritty charm.

Michael Jackson – OG Zombie

Michael Jackson, proving he is still the King of Pop (Culture), was zombie before zombie was cool. Fortunately, I was able to find a MJ Thriller figure that was of a comparable scale and detail level with the current McFarlane Walking Dead figures.

Lucky 2013 – 6 of 7

High Roller