Initially, “The Quiet Life of G. Rider” was an effort to get myself past the Super Neumanns. I needed move on to a new story but not be overwhelmed by a huge scope. So I decided on a 25 shot series that explored the idea of what happens to a career “Spirit of Vengeance” after he retires and realizes he really never had anything but his work. After the first 25 shots were complete I realized I wasn’t done with the character and so started concepting “Part 2”. As I was gathering props and side characters were being customized I used the time to tell an auxiliary story staring one of the guests from “Part 1”. Not to get too nerdy, but that “Interlude” ended up foreshadowing the conclusion of “Part 2”! An “Epilogue” to “Part 2” followed which also expands upon the story of a guest from that series. I will eventually conclude “The Quiet Life” with a “Part 4” so that there are 100 total shots for the main story.